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  • Micronized Creatine Vs. Liquid Creatine!

    Do you know the difference between Micronized creatine and liquid Creatine? Not many people do, including me. I have used both and I have researched it a bit, so I want to share with you what I have found.

  • What Is the Best Form of Creatine?

    There are a number of forms of creatine to choose from, at different price points and in different formulations. Which one is the right for you?

  • What Is Creatine Monohydrate?

    Creatine is a favorite among athletes of all types, but questions about it abound. If you want to know what it's made of or whether it's a steroid, here are your answers!

  • The Safety Of Creatine

    Is creatine safe for use? This article will answer the question once and for all.

  • Optimizing Creatine!

    Creatine monohydrate is by far the most popular bodybuilding supplement on the market today. Creatine can also increase lean muscle mass, accelerate fat loss and increase the rate of protein synthesis, while minimizing protein breakdown.

  • Understanding Creatine.

    In order for skeletal muscles to carry out basic subsistence metabolism such as protein synthesis and active transport ATP is required.

  • Creatine Smarts!

    I've seen a kid just dump a load of creatine into a can of Sobe, and just drink it. He didn't even measure it, or even realize that Sobe has phosphoric acid in it.

  • Creatine Q&A: Top 17 Creatine Questions Answered

    Despite extensive scientific evidence, people still have numerous questions about creatine. Coach Nick Tumminello, author of the Creatine Report, clears up the confusion.

  • Creatine Alpha-Ketoglutarate: The Future Of Creatine Has Arrived

    A new creatine has emerged into the scene of bodybuilding. This new supplement is called 'Creatine Alpha-Ketoglutarate.' This is a great breakthrough, especially for creatine non-responders. Check it out!

  • Is Creatine Monohydrate Safe?

    To hear some people tell it, creatine is dangerous stuff. Is there any truth to the rumors? Here's what two Ph.D.'s have to say about this popular supplement.

  • What Does Creatine Monohydrate Do?

    Millions of people take creatine, but what does it actually do? Here's the Ph.D.-level view of what this staple supp does in your body.

  • All About Creatine!

    Creatine is the most popular and commonly used sports supplement available today. There are numerous studies backed by anecdotal evidence that support the efficacy of creatine supplementation. Find out everything you ever needed to know about creatine.

  • What Are the Benefits of Taking Creatine Monohydrate?

    Creatine monohydrate has a great reputation in the lab and in the gym. Here's what has been shown to happen when you take it along with training!

  • How Does Creatine Monohydrate Work?

    For most lifters and athletes who take it, creatine seems to work. But exactly how can sometimes be a mystery. Here's what one Ph.D. believes makes this popular supp so effective.

  • This Is Your Brain On Creatine

    Most of us hear the word ''creatine'' and immediately think of muscle gains. Although that's definitely true, creatine also plays an important role in brain function. Here's what you need to know!

  • Creatine - The Myth And The Magic!

    One of the best selling bodybuilding products of all time has to be creatine. This has more to do with slick advertising and clever use of studies... Learn about the myth that creatine is and how it really should be used.

  • Should Women Take Creatine?

    A key change I made towards getting the body I have was choosing to supplement with creatine. Get over the fear with this Q&A about women & creatine!

  • Skinny Guy's Guide To Creatine

    Learn how skinny guy muscle building expert, Vince DelMonte, helps you choose the best creatine powder and build 20 pounds of rock-hard muscle without drugs, supplements and training less.

  • Effects Of Creatine On Thermoregulation

    Let's take a look at one study which considered the effect of creatine supplementation on various physiological parameters related to heat stress.

  • Does Creatine And Beer Mix?

    Although possibly having no direct effects on creatine energy production per se, alcohol creates a biochemical environment that could undermine the benefits afforded by creatine.

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