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  • All About Beef

    For bodybuilders, beef is an important part of a healthy diet. Learn about the different types of beef, the protein and fat in each one, and find some great recipes!

  • Homestyle Mongolian Beef

    Beef isn't just for burgers. Add some flair to dinner with this flank steak recipe.

  • All About Beef: Brisket!

    Beef brisket is the cut made into corned beef and cooked with cabbage for Saint Patrick's Day. A boneless roast from the breast of the cow, and layered with ligaments, beef brisket is most commonly used for pot roast or stews.

  • Beef, Broccoli, and Blackberries!

    Expand your flavor horizons by pairing protein-rich red meat with heart-healthy broccoli and antioxidant-packed blackberries. Why didn't we think of this sooner?

  • Healthy Beef & Pork Recipes

    Healthy beef and pork recipes don't have to be dry and tasteless! Try our lip-smacking healthy recipes and get sufficient protein to help you reach your fitness and appearance goals!

  • All About Beef: Sirloin Steak!

    Sirloin steak comes from the sirloin, located in the mid part of the hindquarters. According to legend, King Henry VIII of England so loved this steak he dubbed it 'Sir Loin.'

  • Macro-Friendly Hungarian Beef Goulash!

    Nothing's more comforting than sitting down to a bowl of warm protein-rich goulash on a cool day. Slurp your way swole with this recipe!

  • All About Beef: T-Bone Steak!

    T-bone steak, luscious and flavorful, is easily identified by its characteristic T-shaped bone. T-bone is almost identical to Porterhouse, so named for the inns where it was served along with porter, ale, and beer.

  • The 5 Best Cuts Of Beef You're Not Eating

    Tired of eating the same old meats? Practice nose-to-tail cooking with these 5 unique cuts of beef that support muscle growth and your sense of culinary adventure!

  • All About Beef: Round Tip Steak!

    Round tip steak comes from the round, the rear hindquarters of the animal. This is a well-exercised area that produces lean, somewhat tough meat.

  • Eat Your Meat: The Muscle-Building Bounty Of Beef And Fish

    Meat is packed with protein, but a cut of lean beef or a can of tuna offers more than just macronutrients. They're like muscle-building multivitamins!

  • The 5 Best Protein-Packed Exotic Meats

    Tired of beef and chicken? Up your muscle-building protein intake with these nutritious and flavorful alternatives!

  • What Are The Benefits Of Dietary Protein?

    "Dietary protein" just means the protein you get from eating whole foods like beef, fish, soy, legumes, and nuts. Find out why getting most of your protein from food is a smart way to go.

  • The 5 Best High-Protein Cuts Of Steak

    Even though they're all from the same animal, not all steaks are cut from the same cloth. Here are the best high-protein cuts of beef that won't butcher your fitness goals!

  • 6 High-Protein Snacks For Your Summer Road Trip

    It's not just your car that deserves high-performance fuel when you hit the road to adventure. This summer, skip the gas station beef jerky and whip up your own protein-packed snacks.

  • The Best Cut of Steak

    Who doesn't love the taste of a tender steak fresh off the grill? A great-tasting steak begins with a good cut of meat. Use this guide to get the meaty details you need!

  • 5 Crock-Pot Recipes For Massive Muscle!

    The Crock-Pot is on lock when it comes to building muscle on a budget and with limited kitchen skills. Check out these easy and tasty recipes.

  • The Importance Of Red Meat!

    It does not matter how well you train, or even what supplements you take, if you are not dialed in on your food, you are not going to get there. Learn the importance of having beef in your diet!

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