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  • The Right To Bare Seam Splitting Arms!

    Everyone wants 18-20 inch arms but not everyone has the potential to get arms like this! One should first realize that the triceps make up 2/3 of the arm and should therefore receive more overall training than the smaller opposing muscle group of the

  • Bare Your Arms: Jen Jewell’s Armageddon Workout

    Don’t cover your arms with sweaters and T-shirts. Have the confidence to bare your arms! Here’s the workout that will help you do it.

  • Body Transformation: Travis Bulked To Bare His Body

    Travis was tired of wearing the tall, skinny kid label and packed on the pounds. See how he did it!

  • Bare Minimum Training: Progressive Resistance Training System

    The objective of Progressive Resistance Training or weight training is to build lean muscle on our bodies. Building lean muscle will boost metabolism and that is what we want to achieve.

  • BodyFit: Performance Plans

    BodyFit has the perfect workout plan regardless of who you are and where you are in your fitness journey.

  • The Performance Based Diet.

    What if I told you that your diet might be robbing you of performance in the gym or in your sport? Most people familiar with trends in the nutritional aspect of the fitness field have seen a shifting of views regarding carbohydrates. Learn the truth!

  • The Ultimate Guide To Performance Nutrition

    Your body is a precision machine. Treat it like one with this meal-by-meal breakdown of the optimal nutritional day.

  • Tyrosine & Effects On Performance.

    Bodybuilding.com readers are quite an inquisitive group, which is great. This week was no exception with a great question coming in about Tyrosine. To learn more about this amino acid please read on.

  • Performance Profiling: A Coaching Tool

    Over the past few years, performance profiling has become a routine aspect of the improvement programs used by many psychologists and coaches. Learn what this is and get some useful tips on how to use it. Read on for more ...

  • Iron And Athletic Performance

    A lot hinges on the ability of the body to transport oxygen. Oxygen is transported in the blood by the pigment of the red blood cells (hemoglobin). Iron is a component of...

  • How To Get Maximum Weight Loss & Fitness Results In Bare Minimum Time!

    Do you want to improve the quality of your life? Right now I'm going to reveal to you essential strategies that have enabled my clients to achieve these important goals... Learn what these strategies are and how they work!

  • 4 High-Performance Cardio Workouts

    Take your cardio training to the next level with these athlete-recommended routines.

  • The 5 Best Supplements For Increased Athletic Performance!

    Whether you're an amateur athlete or a weekend warrior, our list of the top 5 supplements for improved athletic performance can help you get the most out of every workout, game, or run!

  • How To Hip Hinge For Ultimate Performance!

    Deadlift performance and lifelong functionality depend on a powerful, stable lower body. Build a stout hip hinge to handle heavy loads with this guide and program!

  • Gym Of The Month: Fitlife Performance Training

    Like many homegrown gyms, Fitlife started because two guys dreamed of building a monument to muscle and athleticism.

  • The Traveling Athlete—Maintaining A High Performance Diet!

    Consumption of foods based on cost and convenience, rather than nutritional value can eventually 'slow down' athletes ... Learn about what options are available to a traveling athlete right here!

  • Proper Warm-Up To Enhance Performance.

    Warming up, a phrase loosely thrown around by trainees across the world. A proper warm-up can go a long way in increasing the bodies ability to perform. Learn why most people don't warm-up correctly and how to fix it!

  • Tumbling Drills: Enhance Your Performance!

    If you are new and haven't heard yet, one of Coach Davies' many drills for increasing proprioception and agility includes tumbling. I have written several articles in the past that specifically detail a safe and effective tumbling progression ...

  • High Intensity Conditioning For Maximum Performance!

    Try this brand new high-intensity conditioning program guaranteed to get you into the best shape, regardless of the sport you play! The program includes sample treadmill and bike programs with exact speed, heart rate zones and resistance.

  • Work Ethic Versus Performance Ethic!

    The paradigm in question is so widely accepted that for most it is considered a simple fact of life. You might not even realize that you're a believer, but it's highly likely that you are.

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