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  • Body Transformation: Powerful Performer!

    Celiac disease held Bethany’s goals hostage for decades. At age 28, she diagnosed the problem, alleviated the symptoms with a gluten-free diet, and burst into fitness and hip-hop!

  • Body Transformation: Ripped Reboot

    Robbie gave up alcohol and refocused on bodybuilding after a 20-year hiatus. At age 41 and reeling for help, he gave himself back to the sport and made friends in the right places!

  • 4 Surprising Transformation Truths!

    Living a fit lifestyle can derail your social life. Banish the notion of being the social outcast and learn how to stand strong and keep on track.

  • Body Transformation: Going The Distance

    Dennis' health deteriorated so far that he forgot what it was like to feel good. He followed his wife's lead, lost 27 percent body fat, and discovered his potential!

  • Body Transformation: Newfound Power

    The pressure to lose weight drove Idean to anorexia at age 13. With help from Bodybuilding.com, he added 20 pounds of lean muscle mass in three years and helped countless others!

  • Body Transformation: Defeating Diabetes

    Type II diabetes runs in Mark’s family. It took his mother’s life and had him in the crosshairs. With little option, he made a promise his family that kept him alive and lost 101 pounds!

  • Body Transformation: Indian Inspiration

    Dhruv envisioned a future inside a body that boosted his confidence and attracted girls. He committed to change, stuck with the process, and made his vision a reality!

  • Body Transformation: Teen Machine

    Josh gained mass to keep his girlfriend asking, but he found great pleasure in his gains. He matured into a man of muscle, 50 pounds heavier, stronger in body and mind.

  • Body Transformation: Wrestling With Obesity

    Daniel grew up to be a huge man, but set out to change. He hit the treadmill, hit the road and a car hit him. See how Daniel recovered from his accident and his past.

  • Body Transformation: Lifting To Live

    Bipolar II disorder and medication didn't give Anthony a chance at life. A medically approved diet and Kris Gethin's trainer were the answer to his lifelong problems!

  • Body Transformation: Dirty Bulk

    Most teens are spoiled with fast metabolisms, but Zak's internal engine takes it a step further. His body takes in food and spits it right out. See what he eats to stay ahead and build muscle!

  • Body Transformation: The Power Of Patience

    Luke’s life took a dramatic 360 when he decided to transform his physique. The kids who used to laugh at him for being overweight, now look up to him!

  • Body Transformation: Fitness Formula

    Karina found out through relentless experimentation that good things come to those who are patient. She tried every plan in the book and perfected her own formula!

  • Body Transformation: Bigger With Age!

    Most people use their age as an excuse to be lazy, but not Steve. This guy got better with age in every facet. He’s racking up bodybuilding awards in his mid-40s!

  • Body Transformation: Pump Action

    Dominic got sick of being pushed around in sports, so he dusted off a lost generation of iron and began his muscle quest. See how he packed on 30 pounds!

  • Body Transformation: Fearless Competitor

    She couldn’t second-guess herself anymore. When the defining moment presented itself, Heather seized the opportunity. See how she eviscerated body fat and shined on stage!

  • Body Transformation: Lifting Laws

    This veteran law enforcement detective suffered a massive back injury less than a year ago. See what he did to put the injury behind him and recover better than ever!

  • Body Transformation: Power Plan

    Three years ago, Gary's life spiraled uncontrollably. His family life was in shambles and his body was deteriorating from the inside out. See how he found the fit freeway!

  • Body Transformation: Acrobat Is An Understatement

    Jennifer moved to L.A. in search of an entertainment career. She encountered a competitive industry that forced her to improvise and learn the power of fitness!

  • Body Transformation: African Amateur

    When you think of South Africa, you probably don’t think of bodybuilding, but Alex plans to put his country on the muscle map. This teen has insane dedication to the sport he loves!

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