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  • Body Transformation: Body By Marco

    Marco was insecure in his pear-shaped body and tired of his troubled ego. He adjusted his mindset, found influential friends, and kissed his obese physique goodbye!

  • Body Transformation: Lifestyle Makeover

    Autumn's environment was toxic, causing her mind to be overwhelmed with negative thoughts. She looked deep inside herself and found the courage to fight for a new life!

  • Body Transformation: Journey Junkie

    Julia was convinced fitness models had elite genes before she walked in their shoes. See how this mother put herself first and started a fitness journey full of twists and turns!

  • Body Transformation: Mediterranean Muscles

    This Maltese teen completely revamped his physique in one year. His weight loss mission turned into a muscle building pilgrimage. See how he flipped the script and got ripped!

  • Body Transformation: Iron Will

    Elizabeth set a goal to compete that drove her into a fitness frenzy. She lifted mean, got lean, and proudly took her spot atop the podium!

  • Body Transformation: Role Remodel

    He started with a pair of dumbbells and advanced his knowledge through Bodybuilding.com. Josh emulates the late Zyzz and lives the lift life. You can too!

  • Body Transformation: For The Love Of Lifting

    Neika needed cadaver bone, a steel plate, and screws to fix degenerative discs in her neck. After recovery, she made her way into the weight room and threw every excuse out the window!

  • Body Transformation: From Stick To Brick

    Nate was depressed as an early teen. His skinny frame looked unhealthy and the weight room intimidated him. See how he busted barriers and added 50 pounds of muscle!

  • Body Transformation: Back To The Basics

    Broscience ran rampant at his high school gym, but Charlie didn't buy it. He took advice from people with proven methods, built muscle, and saw no reason to reinvent the wheel!

  • Body Transformation: Feed The Machine!

    Nathan doubled his calorie intake and ditched nicknames created for his ectomorph body. See how this teen built 48 pounds of muscle!

  • Body Transformation: Fortified At 45!

    Anna didn't want to be the middle-aged, overweight mom who embarrassed her children in public. See why that will never be a problem!

  • Body Transformation: Going For Goldstein

    Alex doesn't lift to become a fitness model or a competitor; he does it for himself. That approach allows him to crush every goal in his path and to motivate others along the way!

  • Body Transformation: Forever Fit!

    Christine didn't realize the extent of her transformation until the final photos were posted on Facebook. She lost 30 pounds and 15 percent body fat with this solid plan!

  • Body Transformation: Couch Crusher

    Health wasn't in Kevin's vocabulary as an early teen. He drank Coca-Cola by the gallon and lived on the couch. Then a present from his mom activated his exercise engine!

  • Body Transformation: Date With The Weight

    Swimming kept his weight in check during high school, but when college started Landon stepped out of the pool permanently. Tired of XL T-shirts, he grabbed heavy iron!

  • Body Transformation: Swollen Addiction

    Substance abuse kept Lisa from gaining traction for years. Training hard wasn’t possible in these conditions. That changed when she met a trainer who turned her into a competitor!

  • Body Transformation: Preparing To Sail

    Alaina lost 86 pounds and 32 percent body fat in one year while battling injury, medical conditions, and a cruise line wedding party. She resisted regression and stood firm on her fitness pledge!

  • Body Transformation: Unleashed The Beast

    Olu wasn’t sure where fitness would take him. All he wanted to do was feel and look better. Apparently, he did something right because this guy has haters bowing at his feet!

  • Body Transformation: Gains From Gethin

    Body By Design opened Jesse's eyes to new ideas about training and nutrition. He compounded the newfound knowledge with Kris Gethin's Hardcore Trainer and got shredded!

  • Body Transformation: Hot Mama!

    Motherhood turned life into an obstacle course for Julie. She juggled multiple duties and never focused on herself. See what sparked her devotion to transform and inform!

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