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  • Lifted: Original Transformation Series

    It's raw, unscripted, and real. Watch the struggles and triumphs of real people as they aim to elevate their fitness and get lifted.

  • 10 Awe-Inspiring Transformations

    When you put in hard work, stick to the grind, and give every day your all, you deserve to be recognized. Check out these 10 fitness inspirations!

  • Transformation Hero: Elsa Longpre

    Setbacks will happen, but they won't stop Elsa from accomplishing her goals and setting new ones.

  • Transformation Hero: Alicia Rancier

    After a health scare, Alicia worked hard to eliminate her health problems, and came out stronger and better than ever before!

  • 10 Tips For A Successful Transformation

    You're looking to transform, not evolve. You have time, but not forever. Follow these 10 tips and speed up your progress. Let's go!

  • 5 Skills For A Successful Transformation

    If you find your fitness dreams are proving difficult to achieve, you're in good company. It's time to stop beating your head against the wall and cultivate the abilities that make a fitness lifestyle last!

  • Body Transformation: From Scrawny To Swole

    Gavin Schmitt looked like a beanpole during in his middle teens, which didn’t impress his peers or the young ladies. He squared up his diet--and look at him now!

  • Body Transformation: Frank The Tank

    Don't be fooled by the massive physique, Frank's just a regular guy who works full-time and raises two sets of twins. He transformed (again), lost 100 pounds, and conditioned his mind!

  • Body Transformation: Massive Motivation!

    Motivation eluded Elias when he needed it most, but when his health stabilized the Canuck focused his drive on lifting. Now his muscles pop out everywhere!

  • Body Transformation: Lean Machine!

    Consistent determination propelled David into a lucrative fitness class. See how he overhauled his life and went from 28 to nine percent body fat!

  • Body Transformation: Forever Young!

    Don’t give Sandi the age-old excuse that your body deteriorates with time. She woke up, smelled the roses, and embarked on a decade-long transformation. Now she’s 55 and ripped!

  • Body Transformation: Beast Mode

    Carrie couldn't stand to watch her children at taekwondo class anymore. She had to get in on the action. That initiated her version of 'Beast Mode' and drove her to start weight training!

  • Body Transformation: Spartan Strength!

    Demetrios tapped into his Greek heritage at age 17 and built god-like muscles. Now he leads a bodybuilding entourage dedicated to his way of life!

  • Body Transformation: Super Mom

    24 hours in a day isn't enough time for Cheryl. Yet, the 38-year-old transformed her body from pregant with twins to top-tier figure material in two years. Beat that!

  • Body Transformation: Endorphin Explosion

    Depression engulfed Michael's world and forced him into a black hole. He quit prescriptions cold turkey and replaced the medication with workout-induced endorphins!

  • Body Transformation: Rose To The Challenge!

    It took Anna 30 years to ditch her 'someday' attitude and build a body fit to compete. At age 52, she unveiled the best physique of her life! See how you can too!

  • Body Transformation: From Round To Ripped!

    Ricky abandoned Cajun feasts for healthy food to fuel his competition goals. See the diet and training plans that cut 19 percent body fat from his physique!

  • Body Transformation: Star Transformer

    The fitness world didn’t know Barbara Baez before, but they do now. This Puerto Rican beauty created a new body and transformed her entire life out of pure willpower!

  • Body Transformation: Fitter At 41!

    Unforeseen hurdles held Michelle's fitness dreams captive for more than 20 years. See how her relentless nature finally persevered and how her body responded!

  • Body Transformation: Extreme Measurements!

    Stephen struggled to find vantage points that put his life into perspective. Now his view is clear. See what helped him lose 70 pounds and 19 percent body fat!

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