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  • The Knee Squat & The Knee Jump.

    Many athletes have difficulty learning how to perform a squat properly. Although it is one of the most basic exercises, it is also a basic human movement. Learn how to improve your squat.

  • Squats And Speed Development?

    The quickest way for most people to boost up their attributes is, you guessed it, increase their ability to bend their knees and apply force! Improve your strength with the squat. Get more here!

  • Pause Squats For Greater Power!

    The root of any strength program must be leg strength. Pause squats can help you add size and mass to your legs. When you put pause squats into your program be prepared for some muscle soreness in your legs.

  • Want Huge Gains? Squat!

    Too many bodybuilders find excuses NOT to squat instead of giving it a try. Maybe you've heard of top pros that have great leg development that swear by the leg press, hack squat etc.

  • Squats Vs. Leg Press!

    One aspect of the squat that we cannot ignore is the difficulty involved in supporting large weights atop your body structure.

  • Meg Squats Steps Up To The Platform

    On the eve of her biggest comp of the year, the YouTube star and devotee of the heavy lifting life talks with us about prep, protein bars, and how good it feels to buckle down and say no to distraction.

  • Meg Squats' Quick Back Workout

    Don't have all morning or afternoon, but want to give some TLC to your back? Meg Squats has a short workout for you that'll give you a chance to fire up your lats and middle back muscles.

  • Increase Ankle Mobility For Deeper Squats

    Are your ankles the Achilles heel of your workouts? Learn the causes, then try these mobility drills that will have you squatting ass to grass in no time!

  • The Squat Tips Your Quads Are Terrified Of

    Build legs that tell the world "I squat!" with these simple tweaks. No machines necessary!

  • Your Guide To Pain-Free Squats!

    You know that building a round booty takes squats. But what do you do when it's painful to squat? Learn why your squat hurts and how you can fix it!

  • 6 Key Steps To A Stronger Squat

    Building up your squat requires more than just a heavy load. Get this top strength coach's insider's tips on how to successfully build a better squat.

  • Cory Gregory's Squat Every Day

    Squat Every Day will challenge you, test your resolve, and reveal your character. But if you have what it takes to squat daily, you'll gain strength, build muscle, and become a better lifter. This is for the hardcore.

  • 3 Ways To Improve Your Squat

    Progressive overload can only help you for so long on its own. Eventually, you need to battle the weak points in your squat head-on by spending a few weeks with some more difficult variations of the "king of lifts." Enjoy the pain!

  • 10 Reasons Squats Are A Terrible Exercise

    Don't be an April fool. Step back from the rack and save your knees and spine from the dreaded squat!

  • One Move For Big Quads: Squats

    You need to train legs if you want a great physique; and squats are the king of leg exercises. Use this exercise with any of the following methods and watch them grow.

  • How Squats Are Superior To Leg Presses!

    Many lifters will actively switch out squats for leg presses in their routines. While both these exercises work the quads, they are not created equal. See why squats are the better choice.

  • The Big Three - Squat, Deadlift, Bench.

    The are three main lifts in weightlifting, bench press, deadlift, and the Squat. These are most commonly referred to when trying to find out how strong someone is. Find out what each of them are and how to do them correctly!

  • 6 Reasons to Train with a Safety Squat Bar

    If you've never worked with specialty barbells, you're in for a whole new world of pain and gain. Here are the reasons you need a safety squat bar in your routine, starting now.

  • Skyrocket Your Squat PR With Conjugate Training

    Squat more than you thought possible, protect your joints, and keep squat day fresh and new with Louis Simmons' time-tested approach to training. The trick is to take many paths to get to the same destination.

  • Skyrocket Your Bottom-End Squat Power

    If you're like many lifters doing squats, you've faced a tough sticking point every time you come up out of the hole. But, what may be your weakness now can soon become your strength.

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