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  • Secrets To Sexy Shoulders

    Follow these simple tips choosing three exercises (one for each head of the deltoids) and working up to 3 sets each for two workout sessions per week, and you will soon have those sexy shoulders you've always wanted!

  • A Warrior's Shoulders Program

    To the Warrior, there's only one goal in life: To be stronger than the previous day. To be a warrior, you must adopt this way of thinking. Now let's use this knowledge to improve your arsenal. It's time to build your shoulders.

  • Total Shoulder Workout!

    The shoulders are one of the most noticed body parts. When fully clothed or not, it can make ones appearance much broader.

  • Shoulders And Traps!

    The shoulders can handle unbelievable amounts of weight, and also assist you in many upper body exercises such as bench presses and bent over rows.

  • Cannon-Ball Shoulders!

    The deltoids can be separated into three different individual muscles. Similar to the triceps, in order to effectively train the shoulders, you need to do the appropriate exercises to hit all three groups or muscles...

  • Resistance Band Shoulder Workout

    This intense shoulder routine shows how resistance bands can stimulate muscle growth, strengthen the joints, and transform boring workouts for lifters of all backgrounds.

  • The Ultimate Cable Shoulder Workout

    These four moves can help you build big delts with one tool of the trade.

  • The Simple Workout for Super Shoulders

    Looking for max results with little time and no machines? Free weights are your friend in this no-BS workout for blasting your shoulders.

  • Beasts-Only Shoulder Workout

    Boulder shoulders require serious work. Here's your blueprint to building them!

  • The 3-Move Shoulder Builder

    Develop bigger and better shoulders with this simple and effective three-move shoulder workout.

  • Beachside Shoulder-Smoker Workout

    Why did Abel Albonetti fly 8,200 miles last December? To get in a killer shoulder workout on the shores of the Persian Gulf.

  • Unlock Shoulder Growth This Month!

    Superhero shoulders can be yours, but you've got to work the angles. Use this powerful pair of shoulder-building workouts to unleash your growth potential in just four weeks!

  • Lais DeLeon's Shoulder Showdown

    Build healthy, beautiful shoulders with this workout you can do in any gym!

  • Are Traps Best Trained With Back Or Shoulders?

    The trapezius muscles come into play when doing both back and shoulder exercises. Learn how and when to train each trap region to ensure maximum development.

  • 16 Laws Of Shoulder Training

    What's the fastest way to bigger, bolder shoulders? Why, following the 16 laws of shoulder training, of course.

  • 6 Steps To Monster Shoulders!

    Suffering from a case of sickly shoulders? Turn an ordinary shoulder workout into a monster mass maker with these 6 steps!

  • Build The Perfect Set Of Shoulders

    Building big shoulders takes more than doing a few front raises. Learn how 'The Siege' hits his shoulders and follow his workout for wide, round delts!

  • 8 Weeks To Monster Shoulders!

    If you want to look freaking huge, you must have a pair of shoulders that you can be proud of. Do this routine for 6-to-8 weeks and you can build monster shoulders.

  • Training The Shoulders With The A.R.T. System™.

    Because using only heavy weight will bring you limited results, the best is to learn a new and effective way of training - A.R.T System™ (auto-regulation-training). Below is my recommendation for an efficient and complete shoulder workout.

  • Raise The Plate For Shoulder Development!

    Shoulder development is very important, and so is shoulder strength. Take the front delts for instance. They area important muscle for most pressing movements. Learn why...

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