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  • Get Uplifted With This Squat Workout From Meg Squats!

    Take your body and your training to a new level with this lower-body workout from powerlifter, fitness model, and YouTube star Meg Squats. If you've ever felt the urge to see how strong you can be, this is for you!

  • How To Squat: Proper Techniques For A Perfect Squat

    If you squat with proper technique and heavy (for you) poundage, you might grunt, scream, or even cry, but you probably won't be injured.

  • How To Squat: Layne Norton's Squat Tutorial

    Dr. Layne Norton has spent years refining his squat technique. Follow his coaching tips and cues, learn how to squat, and you someday could be the proud owner of monster legs!

  • The Drop Zone: Squat Lower, Squat Stronger

    Proper depth is an essential part of the squat, but many of us aren't able to reach it—yet! If you're struggling to get below parallel, here's why you should fix it, and how!

  • The History of the Squat

    The so-called king of exercises has a long and fascinating history reaching back into the 1800s, and encompassing some of the biggest names in iron history. Get informed and then get strong!

  • Squat Better: Master These Two Squat Variations First!

    Want to master the king of leg exercises? Start with the goblet and landmine squats and you'll experience royal gains in strength, size, and form faster than you can get under the bar.

  • Great Squat! Mark Bell's Better Squat Techniques

    We all know how it goes in the squat rack: the weight gets heavier and your form gets worse. Here's how to fix that crappy squat that does nothing but hurt your lower back!

  • Are Pistol Squats Dangerous?

    Is the classic single-leg bodyweight squat worth having in your wheelhouse? Calisthenics expert Al Kavadlo breaks down the pros and cons.

  • Utilizing Squat Variations!

    The squat is a very powerful exercise. It is one of the only exercises that will work 75% of your muscles with one, single movement. The squat should be one of the primary movements in any leg workout. There are many varieties of squat...

  • How To Squat Perfectly!

    It never ceases to amaze me how many people don't know how to squat. There are several ways to mess up the squat, but their are also several ways to improve it as well.

  • 3 Squats Variations Better Than Your Bad Back Squat

    Too often, people try to pretend they can back squat. Unfortunately, their backs, knees, and shoulders end up bearing the brunt of the work. Here's what they should be doing instead!

  • Meet The Squats: 7 Squat Variations You Should Be Doing

    In the old days, there were two kinds of squats: 'good' and 'bad.' Today, you can shop around between multiple versions of the movement. No more excuses. Get off the machines and give the squat a shot!

  • Squat Like A Boss: How To Fix The 3 Most Common Squat Mistakes

    Squats rock, especially if you know how to do them correctly. Learn how to crush these three common squat mistakes and take your squat to new depths!

  • 7 Different Ways To Squat

    Change up your workout and get totally toned legs with these powerful squat variations!

  • 5 Common Squat Mistakes

    The best lower-body exercise can also be one of the most dangerous. See if you're committing any one of these key mistakes when squatting.

  • The Overhead Squat: What Is It Good For?

    The overhead squat is a great exercise—but maybe not for the reasons you think. Find out how it can promote the mobility, stability, and strength of your entire body.

  • Squat Bigger With The GZCL Method

    No vague tips here, just a solid training methodology one lifter developed that helped him put 200 pounds on his lifting total.

  • 6 Tricks For A Stronger Squat!

    Looking to turn the heat up on your squat regimen? You've come to the right place. Step away from the norm and address the weaknesses that hold you back!

  • What Is The Best Workout To Improve Your Squat?

    What Is The Best Workout To Improve Your Squat? Go from bones to buff with the following innovative routines, exercises and suggestions. You are sure to build stronger legs right here!

  • Exercise Of The Week: Barbell Squats!

    A barbell squat is a push-type, compound exercise which works primarily your quadriceps, but also trains your glutes, hamstrings, and calves. This review of the squat will give you tips and techniques to do a squat properly. Read on to learn more.

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