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  • The Best Diet May Be No Diet At All

    A 10-year study of almost 5,000 young adults found that those who managed weight the best didn't diet at all. Find out what helped them keep the weight off, and what made them put it on.

  • Diet Mistakes - Avoid These 7 Diet Trapdoors

    If your gym mission hasn't produced results, your parameters were probably disrupted by diet sabotage. Learn how to sidestep these 7 fat-trap doors.

  • Cyclical Ketogenic Diet: The Best Ever Bodybuilding Diet?

    This diet did not originate with me of course. However, because of the massive impact it had on my results, I feel compelled to share it. Learn more right here and give it a try.

  • What Is The Paleo Diet?

    Regardless of whether your goal is to melt fat off your body or build up higher amounts of muscle mass and gain definition, diet is a key element necessary for success.

  • Diet By The Numbers!

    What motivates you determines your consistency and desired results.

  • HCG Diet: Get The Truth About The Diet Disaster From Hell!

    The HCG Diet doesn't include enough protein for muscle growth. And that's only the first reason bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts should steer clear of this weight-loss fad. Dieters beware!

  • The Diet Solution: A Concise Diet To Lose Fat & Gain Muscle!

    We've created an exciting new diet that can be used to lose fat and gain lean muscle while still enjoying life. Try The Diet Solution now!

  • Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

    This diet did not originate with me of course. However, because of the massive impact it had on my results, I feel compelled to share it. Learn more right here and give it a try.

  • The Anabolic Diet Review

    One of the hottest topics when it comes to obtaining the body of your dreams is which diet is going to work the best to getting you from point A to point B. One diet that has received quite a bit of positive acclaim is the anabolic diet.

  • Reviewing The NutriSystem Diet

    One of the nice things about the NutriSystem diet is that it comes with 120 different pre-packaged entrée choices, snacks and desserts. Learn more about this diet and if it is something for you!

  • What Is The Best Diet For A Vegetarian Bodybuilder?

    What is the best diet for a vegetarian bodybuilder? Get some great diet tips and examples of good whole foods and supplements for vegetarians and vegetarian bodybuilders. In addition learn what types of vegetarians are out there.

  • What Is The Best Diet For A Track Athlete?

    What is the best diet for a track athlete? Find out what other people from the message boards think ...

  • The Performance Based Diet.

    What if I told you that your diet might be robbing you of performance in the gym or in your sport? Most people familiar with trends in the nutritional aspect of the fitness field have seen a shifting of views regarding carbohydrates. Learn the truth!

  • Rating Diet Programs

    Some programs, I must confess, are suitable for some people whereas other programs are not. At the end of this article I provide my own preferred choice!

  • Diet And Training!

    I'd been training for 1 year and I know that I'm just getting started in the bodybuilding business, but I just want to show you some tips that I considerate that had been great for me in the Diet and Training territory.

  • Diet And Timing

    Not until recently did I realize the power diet has over the way your body looks and performs. I believe that diet is at least 75% of the fitness equation.

  • The Best Diet For Fat-Loss!

    Use this diet to lose fat as quick as humanly possible!

  • The Lifestyle Diet—The Final Cut Diet You'll Ever Need!

    For the average fitness enthusiast, The Final Cut Diet may not be practical to follow. Therefore, Scivation has outlined The Lifestyle Diet for those not looking to get on stage but still wanting to lose fat... Download your copy and learn more!

  • Reverse Dieting: 4 Reasons Your Best Diet Might Be A Reverse Diet

    Month after month of living and training in a caloric deficit can leave you exhausted, frustrated—and no leaner. Try reverse dieting and watch your energy level and training quality soar!

  • Diet Deal Breakers: What To Avoid In The Search For Fat Loss – Diet Tips

    Just like dating, finding the correct diet can be challenging – these tips will help you find 'the one.'

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