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  • Bulking Superfeature

    Welcome to the bulking superfeature.

  • What Is The Best Bulking Program?

    What is the best bulking program? I'll go over the basic and advanced methods of bulking and lay out a training program for you to follow or just take advice from. Try it out and see if it works for you!

  • Cutting Or Bulking?

    Each time I went and took a gander, I ended up getting lost and walking away with nothing. Well, enough with the mumbo jumbo, and let's get it on.

  • Bulking 101: The Ectomorph!

    Before I precede any further I want to make one point clear, do not THINK you have a fast metabolism and try to follow this protocol because you will end up looking like Lee Priest in the off season pretty damn fast.

  • Bulking: What I've Learned!

    Reading this article will change your life and the way you think about bulking. Bulking is the bodybuilders term to putting on muscle mass. Thats right MUSCLE MASS, not FAT ! The amount of misinformation out there is what caused me to waste about 2 years!

  • Bulking Recipes For Bodybuilders!

    I thought I would share some of my favorite recipes with hopes that it will inspire others to enjoy their nutrition as well!

  • Bulking With The Cyclic Ketogenic Diet!

    Can you use the Cyclic Ketogenic Diet (CKD) as a way to gain a substantial amount of muscle mass while keeping body fat accumulation to a minimum? Learn how here!

  • 5 Common Bulking Blunders

    Healthy bulking isn't as simple as eating everything in sight. If that's your 'plan,' put down the spray cheese and read this before your next meal.

  • Body Transformation: Serious Bulking

    Drayk wrote his own workouts after realizing how small he was, but when he found a quality gym his results increased 10-fold. See how he packed on 40 pounds!

  • Top 10 Supplements For Bulking

    For many lifters, a mass-gain phase becomes their first introduction to bulking supplements. Which ones are the right ones for you, though? Check out this handy breakdown.

  • What Are The Best Foods And Supplements For Bulking?

    What are the best foods and supplements for bulking? We can finally trade in our cuts for some quality mass and strength. Get a competitive edge right here as we show you what bulking is, what you need, how long to do it, and more. Check it out!

  • 10 Newbie Tips For Bulking

    In order to stimulate muscle growth you need to be in a caloric surplus and oftentimes some of those additional calories will get transfer to body fat. Here are ten tips for beginners that should help you gain muscle

  • The 10 Nutritional Commandments For Bulking!

    The world of bodybuilding is a confusing one, that is pretty much all the experts will agree on. There are so many different ways of approaching every single aspect of the game. Some things however are etched in stone.

  • 12-Week Daily Bulking Trainer - Wednesday, Week 7: Cardio While Bulking!

    Here is your 12-Week Daily Bulking Trainer! We'll help you build lean mass and a ripped, defined physique. Today we'll be covering cardio while bulking.

  • 4 Essential Foods For Budget Bulking

    Don't just mindlessly chase calories when you're trying to grow. Pick the best foods for the job, and use them right! Here's where to start.

  • 7 Insider Secrets To Clean Bulking

    You need to add bulk if you want to add muscle. Bulk the wrong way and you get a double chin and a gut. Do it right, and you're all set to transform those extra calories into lean muscle.

  • Bulking Up Rules For The Natural Bodybuilder!

    In order for a bulk up phase to be effective, it needs to be executed properly. This article will provide a detailed plan on bulking up in the off season; plans included are for beginners, intermediate, and advanced. Check it out!

  • Bulking: Get Your SIZE On!

    During bulking phases the person increases their calorie intake in an attempt to gain weight. This article will discuss the concepts of the bulking phase.

  • Layne's How To Guide For Bulking: The Macronutrients!

    Before I talk about the system itself it is important that everyone understands the basics behind muscle growth and how calorie surplus helps you gain muscle.

  • The Buff Dudes' 5 Worst Bulking Mistakes

    Bulking can be a hell of a lot of fun, but there's more to it than eating everything in sight. The Buff Dudes are here to help you get the right kinds of gains!

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