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  • Pullups For The Beginner!

    If you're trying to build up your strength then look no further than the pullup. See the benefits that this simple exercise has on the body!

  • Bodybuilding For Beginners

    Without a proper diet, you simply will not make good gains. Nutrition is the first thing many new bodybuilders overlook.

  • Powerlifting Training For The Beginner!

    Even the most hardcore training methods work better when you have a base of strength and muscle behind them. This is the program you need to start getting stronger today!

  • What Is The Best Beginner Transformation Workout?

    What is the best beginner transformation workout? Beginners are looking for a quality workout routine to transform their bodies. Here are in-depth routines, tips for getting motivated and more for any beginner looking to improve their lives!

  • Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Handstands

    Handstands can be intimidating at first, even if you're used to crushing it at the gym. Learn the right approach to master this impressive exercise and build some serious all-over strength.

  • The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Calisthenics

    Want to try calisthenics but feel clueless about where to begin? Barstarzz founder Ed Checo shares his tips to get you rocking those badass bodyweight moves in no time!

  • How To Deadlift: A Beginner's Guide

    This important lift is one of the best for building total-body strength, size, and athleticism. Learn to own the deadlift right here.

  • Beginner's Guide To Resistance Training

    Muscle up in 10 weeks with this full-body workout that teaches you the most important bodybuilding principles.

  • Beginner's Fat-Loss Program

    If you're a beginner looking to get started on the road to fat loss, start here. This easy-to-follow guide has the exercise and nutrition plans you need for fast results.

  • A Guide For Beginner's Contest Prep!

    If bodybuilding competition is something you've been thinking about, then my advice is to use the directions provided in this article and make your competition goals a reality.

  • 10 Weight-Loss Tips for Beginners

    Trying to lose weight can be intimidating, but the reward is worth it. Use these tips to help you get started on your weight-loss journey the right way!

  • Ultimate Beginner's Guide to the L-Sit

    L-sits may look fairly simple, but they require tremendous strength and flexibility. Work through the correct progression, and you'll nail the full thing and get its big-time benefits!

  • A Beginner's Guide To Women's Powerlifting Gear

    You don't need a lot of gear to get started powerlifting: just a barbell and some weights. Over time, though, you might want to assemble a collection of approved gear to up your powerlifting game.

  • The Ultimate Beginner's Full-Body Workout

    Beginners, here are the 10 most important training elements you must master, and eight-week full-body beginner's program to start you off on the right foot.

  • The Ultimate Beginner's Machine Workout For Women

    Free weights are great, but machines have their place too—especially for newbies. Learn how to make the machines your friends in the gym.

  • 3 Beginners' Fitness Mistakes To Avoid

    Avoid newbie pitfalls and get the most out of your training from the start with these athlete-approved tips.

  • 2 Best Beginner's Chest Workouts For Mass

    Follow a well-constructed chest routine, and you'll make steady gains in size and strength, taking you to the next level of muscular development!

  • A Beginner's Guide To Healthy Fat Loss

    You're ready to lose weight, but overwhelmed by complicated diet plans. Learn how to achieve your goals by focusing on what's absolutely necessary!

  • How To Overhead Press: A Beginner's Guide

    The overhead press is a fantastic strength-and-muscle builder for the entire upper body and core. Learn how to tackle this compound lift safely and effectively!

  • Workout For Every Guy: The Beginner Workout

    You've probably picked up muscle magazines in the past, tried some things and quit. It's time to reliquish your 'beginner' tag and get some real results!

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